Desecration of the NYC African Burial Ground

Less than a week ago my family of six enjoyed a fabulous trip to NYC to see all the sights.  Statue of Liberty.  9/11 Museum.  Central Park.  Empire State Building. One stop I had planned during our intense and relatively short trip was the African Burial Ground National Monument in Manhattan.  Ever since my life-altering... Continue Reading →


When Did Flying Become a Crime?

Last I knew, flying from point A to point B was a legal activity.  But, it sure didn’t appear legal on Sunday evening as my 12-year-old son and I flew out of the Minneapolis airport. I only fly about once a year, and I guess I was too busy during the security process in the... Continue Reading →

What do you think of black men?

What do you think of black men? I think we as whites (at least some of us) need to change our thinking.  I know I did. Perhaps by revealing my wrong thinking, it will help you discover your own...and put our nation one step closer to racial reconciliation.  According to African American men, Jemar and... Continue Reading →

Happily Married…well, sometimes

I've liked Ryan since I was 14. After what felt like a forever wait, we finally married when I was 21. We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary in the spring.  We're very happily married...well, sometimes. Let me be clear, I love being married to Ryan.  So, why does the grass look greener elsewhere sometimes?  Because... Continue Reading →

What impact am I having?

Have you ever been touched by someone you didn’t even know, talk to, or interact with?  I permanently have etched in my mind certain moments in my life that touched me deeply.  A loving mom washing off the beach toys for her toddler touched me just when I needed the encouragement to keep tirelessly serving... Continue Reading →

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson forced me to face yet another disturbing racial injustice in our country’s history.  This time the U.S. judicial system…during my lifetime…and only a state away from where I now reside. After listening to Bryan Stevenson’s well-written book, I definitely realize, what I should have already known:  our judicial system is... Continue Reading →

Curriculum and Racial Issues

School started recently. Homeschool. I was looking at my 7th grade son's writing curriculum.  The page featuring the four different authors he would be studying in the course were all white. I grabbed my 5th grade daughter's writing book by the same publisher and turned to the page spotlighting the six authors that she would... Continue Reading →

Scared of Starting a Blog?

I started a blog about seven months ago in January 2018…I was scared, very scared. Rewind to before I ever hit “publish” for the first time… In the past few years, I’ve attended some large conferences and heard several incredible women speak.  As I’ve listened, I’ve also been thinking, “I want to do that one... Continue Reading →

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