Curriculum and Racial Issues

School started recently. Homeschool. I was looking at my 7th grade son's writing curriculum.  The page featuring the four different authors he would be studying in the course were all white. I grabbed my 5th grade daughter's writing book by the same publisher and turned to the page spotlighting the six authors that she would... Continue Reading →


Discovering Racism Close to Home

About a decade after I moved to the Atlanta area, I finally reached the point where I would actually shed a tear if I had to move away.  To say the least, it felt like forever for this huge city with its nightmarish traffic to grow on me.  However, there is one aspect I have... Continue Reading →

Scared of Starting a Blog?

I started a blog about seven months ago in January 2018…I was scared, very scared. Rewind to before I ever hit “publish” for the first time… In the past few years, I’ve attended some large conferences and heard several incredible women speak.  As I’ve listened, I’ve also been thinking, “I want to do that one... Continue Reading →

Staying Afloat When Life is NOT Fine

Thursday, July 12 chickenpox attacked 2 of my kids, and all of our plans were suddenly changed.  The week my almost 12-year-old son eagerly anticipates all year long (even more than Christmas) and works and saves up for was being snatched away from him in the blink of an eye and all he could do... Continue Reading →

Lecrae and Me – Similar or Different?

Lecrae is African American.  I am not. Lecrae grew-up in the inner-city.  I did not. Lecrae was a fatherless child.  I was not. Lecrae attended public school.  I did not. Lecrae has a Tupac-inspired tattoo.  I do not (I have no tattoos for that matter). Lecrae has been drunk, used drugs, and been arrested.  I... Continue Reading →

Facing My Fear of the Dermatologist

“WHAT?!  You’ve NEVER been to the dermatologist?!  Redheads HAVE to go to the dermatologist every year.  My daughter is a redhead and has already had skin cancer.  Good thing they caught it early.  I can’t believe you haven’t gone to the dermatologist!” Those were the basic words and tone that the OBGYN lady said to... Continue Reading →

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